Pink Bow Tie


those tumblr mutuals you rlly want to be friends with but are too cool for you


My lisa-frank inspired outfit from a week or so ago~! ^//v//^

I ended up not really doing anything that day, so I might wear it again my next day off~ (different wig though, I wasn’t really feelin this one) :P Also I took a gamble on this skirt from bodyline (which I adore btw I love polka dots~ * v *) sizing wise and it fit~! I only wish it was a little longer~ ; u ; But I tend to wear shorts under everything so it wasn’t a huge deal~ I also really love this shirt~ The art is for a gaiaonline character based of lisa frank by one of my favorite artists pyawakit~! 

p.s. I totes need to find/make a cute garter for myself so I can wear these cute otk tights again~ Q 3 Q I’ve got chubby thighs and these just refused to stay up~! = v =;;; 


Birthday present from my prince - cute bunny pendand with super cute bunny case! 

quick reminder !!


if u find out about a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity thru tumblr n u know them irl:

1. if they haven’t come out to u, u rlly shouldn’t bring it up

2. if u rlly gotta bring it up (eg to ask about pronouns or something) do so privately and be respectful n a decent human being n all that

3. don’t u dare out them to other people irl, this could seriously endanger them


more moon draws

gogogo upper
Pink Bow Tie